Twelve amazing stories of the paranormal and the unusual where dreams become reality and question the inner mind. Available though Amazon, Barnes&Nobles, and most other sites.  

Take a stroll down Willow Street in this haunting tale of desire, and a young man in search of his dream girl, if only he could find her, if only she was real.

Available through Amazon and Barnes&Nobles online bookstores.    

10th Anniversary Edition: A Sci-fi thriller about an alien invasion in L. A.  Available through Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and most sites. Also in store at: Alien Fresh Jerky in Baker, Ca.,  world famous for its "Out of this World" jerky, snacks & alien souvenirs. Stop on by.  

Lost in the desert, into another time, another place, where a wicked world awaits, Andrew finds himself fighting to survive.  Perhaps he should've stayed home. Currently only on Amazon's Kindle at 2.99  Paperback is soon to come.

The Forbidden Zone: World of The Wicked. (10-2014) Enter a world from a time past where wicked men, dark creatures, and a more than mysterious female are the encounters Andrew must face if he's to return to his world. After entering a deserted cave Andrew finds himself trapped in a dark barbaric world where he must fight for his life. To survive he will first have to fall prey to a deadly encounter that puts him against the elements of the desert. But time is running out and the gateway is closing. A tale that will haunt him to the very end.

The Night They Came, 10th Anniversary Edition: (2007/2012/2017) In this newly revised edition, Aliens, UFO's, and secret government experimentation is only the beginning of what's to come in this fast-paced, terrifying thriller. Steven, his wife, and a few others escape the horror and head to the Angeles National Forest in hopes of finding refuge. But escape is far from over when they encounter a secret government lab where hybrids are being created. Fending for his life, Steven will have to face the reality. Based on nightmares, and possibly, true accounts.  

Note: This special edition contains first-hand witness accounts of UFOs and alien abductions after the story. 

In the works: Currently working on the next paranormal writing project. Keep reading and enjoy.  

The Girl From Willow Street: (8-2016) A haunting ghost story of a young man's visions about a dead girl desiring another chance, only to find himself drawn to her embrace. A lovely girl on a lonely street was all it took to captivate Christopher that night. She was the girl of his dreams, charming and mysterious, one who could make his heart skip a beat. But when he and his friends find themselves in an abandoned Victorian house, one claimed to be haunted, they come upon a discovery that questions his mystery girl, that is, if that's what she is.   


Dreams: The Mind's Window to the World of the Subconscious, and in some instances, Another Dimension—a Dimension of the Lucid Dream.  

​​Tales of a Lucid Dreamer:(2006/2013) A compilation of twelve short stories based on lucid dreams of a strange nature. An entertaining look at the limitless possibilities of what may come from lucid dreaming, and sometimes all too frightening. From an out-of-body experience, to strange men in a hillside tunnel, from a man in a white suite claiming to be ruler of the dream world, to a beautiful young girl taken by an evil sorcerer, and to a horror beyond belief, these are a few of the tales you will find here. Some would say it's just a collection of images and memories from your waking life. But what if they weren't? Perhaps they're not just dreams. Not your usual stories.