Twelve amazing stories of the paranormal and the unusual where dreams become reality and question the inner mind. Available though Amazon, Barnes&Nobles, and most other sites.  

Introducing: "The Girl From Willow Street." A haunting tale of desire, of a young man seeking the same, if only he could find her. Available through Amazon and Barnes&Nobles online bookstores.    

Dreams: The Mind's Window to the World of the Subconscious, and in some instances, Another Dimension—a Dimension of the Lucid Dream.  

The Forbidden Zone: World of The Wicked. (10-2014) Enter a world from a time past where wicked men, dark creatures, and a more than mysterious female are the encounters Andrew must face if he's to return to his world. Trapped in a wicked world he will have to fight for his life and time is running out. It will haunt him to the very end. A dramatic thriller set north of the Mojave Desert and beyond.   

10th Anniversary Edition is now available. Sci-fi thriller about an alien invasion in L. A.  Available through Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and most sites. Also in store at: Alien Fresh Jerky in Baker, Ca., world famous for its jerky, "Out of this World" snacks & alien souvenirs.   

Lost in the desert, into another time, another place, where a wicked world awaits, Andrew finds himself fighting to survive.  Perhaps he should've stayed home. Available only on Amazon's Kindle at 2.99  Paperback not available.

The Night They Came, 10th Anniversary Edition: (2007/2012/2017)Aliens, UFO's, and secret government experimentation is only the beginning of what's to come in this fast-paced, terrifying thriller. Steven, his wife, and a few others head to the Angeles National Forest to escape the invasion. What happens next is far worse than he'd imagined—alien/government experimentation. Will anyone survive? Based on nightmares, and possibly, true accounts. This special edition contains first-hand witness accounts of UFOs and alien abductions after the story. 

​​Tales of a Lucid Dreamer:(2006/2013) A compilation of twelve short stories based on lucid dreams of a strange nature. An entertaining look at the limitless possibilities of what may come from lucid dreaming, and sometimes all too frightening. Some would say it's just a collection of images and memories from your waking life. But what if they weren't? Perhaps they're not just dreams. Not your usual stories. 

The Girl From Willow Street: (8-2016) A haunting ghost story of a young man's visions about a dead girl desiring another chance, only to find himself drawn to her embrace. A lovely girl on a lonely street was all it took to captivate Christopher that night. She was the girl of his dreams, charming and mysterious, one who could make his heart skip a beat. But when he and his friends find themselves in an abandoned Victorian house, one claimed to be haunted, they come upon a discovery that questions his mystery girl, that is, if that's what she is.