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‚ÄčWhat began as a project to log some strange yet interesting stories based on dreams back in 2004, Dave discovered writing and began his adventure in story telling. Tales of a Lucid Dreamer was his first book containing a collection of twelve short stories. It wasn't an easy task as he soon found, after rewriting it three times. Fascinated by the idea of being able to share his stories, along with some positive feedback, he went on and published his second book: The Night They Came. It was his first full-length story which won an "Honorable Mention" from Reader Views in 2008, which he later revised in 2012 and again in 2017 for a special edition. Moving forward he put together a sci-fi fantasy titled, The Forbidden Zone, through Amazon Kindle. His latest and most extensive project, The Girl From Willow Street, was quite a challenge (466 pages) because of the cast of characters and because of the involved story-line. Having written only stand alone books he is now looking into a possible series. The cast from the Willow story may have to return for another ghostly encounter.   

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Originally from Texas, he grew up in Los Angeles where he previously worked in the film and T.V. industry for twelve years. This is where he learned the importance of the right cast for the right character, as well  as an engaging story to keep the audience captivated. He  currently lives in the Inland Empire, Ca. with his wife and daughter. Dave is also a member of the California Writers Club, Inland Empire Branch, since 2005, and participates in reading and speaking events. The Poets and Writers yearly Round Table meeting is another group he has been a part of. His studies are ongoing and is always informed on the literary world. When he's not writing he loves to read novels from his favorite authors. He loves mystery thrillers, detective, paranormal-romance/detective, science-fiction, fantasy, and of course, ghost stories. He enjoys the outdoors and heads up to Big Bear Lake, Ca. to relax when he can.        

Goodreads: As an author he enjoys reading and reviewing books on Goodreads.com. If you'd like to join the group and share or comment on your favorite books just follow the link below. Please feel free to join. 

Inland Empire California Writers Club 

Dave is an active member of the California Writers Club Inland Empire branch. They meet on the fourth Saturday of every month at 10: am at the Ovitt Library in Montclair, Ca. For more info go to the CWC Website: 

If you would like to contact Dave or have questions about his books you can reach him through his email at:davgambini@aol.com