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       Tales of a Lucid Dreamer  
         The Strange and Bizarre Stories of Another Kind
Dreams: The mind's window to the world of the subconscious, a collection of images and memories from your waking life, and in some instances, another dimension—a dimension of the Lucid Dream. 

Book One: Tales of a Lucid Dreamer: A compilation of short stories based on lucid dreams of the strange and unusual. An entertaining look at the limitless possibilities of what may come from lucid dreaming, and in some instances, all too frightening. Perhaps they're not just dreams.

Book Two: The Night They Came: Alien's, UFO's, and secret government experimentation is only the beginning of what's to come in this fast-paced thriller. And if you've ever wondered what's out there, then this is a must read. Maybe they're already here. Question is, Will anyone survive...?  

Book Three: The Forbidden Zone: World of the Wicked. Enter a world from a time past where wicked
men, dark creatures, and a more than mysterious female are the encounters Andrew must face if he's to
return to his own world. It will haunt him to the very end.         

Book Four: Cover Reveal coming in June: A Haunting tale about a young man's visions of a dead girl. Only to find himself drawn into her embrace. Scheduled for a July 2016 release.  
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