Welcome to Dave Gamboa's Strange and Bizarre Stories of another kind. They are the product based on some fantastic dreams, developed and created into short stories and full length novels. Dreams are the most interesting things that happen in our minds when we sleep, and sometimes all too real. Perhaps they are windows to the unforeseen, to the things to come. Perhaps another time, another dimension. From the quiet and unusual, to the bizarre, unexplained, and the paranormal, I'm sure you'll be entertained.                        


Inspire others

Be inspired


The creative writing community, book clubs, writers' groups, book fests, conferences and the authors that give us those amazing stories that have you turning those pages have inspired the aspiring writer from one generation to another. This is where the art of writing begins, inside the minds of our thriving, talented and up and coming writers of the future, and into award-winning best sellers. Be inspired! Write that story!

Knowledge is power. Share your experience and your skills with other creative minds. When you give you become a positive person that in turn brings positive people in your life. Life is an experience in it self.    

Creativity Abounds

Never let anyone take your dream away from becoming a writer. Some of the most successful authors have faced rejection before becoming best sellers. Ray Bradbury was one such person. If you have a story to tell and have the passion, write it down. That is the first step in becoming a published author. Never say never.

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